How to embed code in an image

  1. Import an image to Snap! It must be a bitmap image, i.e. not vector.
  2. :gear: → Extension blocks. Check it.
  3. Do this code:

    To get the XML, you can get it by exporting a script, then go to a text editor to get the XML contents.
  4. Now you can go to the costumes tab. You'll notice </> appearing in your costume. Here you can get the blocks of the costume, or you can export it so someone else can import the image and import to get the blocks.

Try importing this:
PFP for ten_6044 (1)

Hope this helps!


This took longer than I'd like to admit, apparently tools to remove data embedded in images aren't common, or it could just be the way I was searching.

It's possible to remove data from images by using this code (by the way I used my technique):
untitled script pic (25)

Importing this also results in the code above:
Import this Image to Get The Remove Metadata Blocks