Are there cloud variables?

Hi, I'm coming from Scratch and there are a few things that i'm confused about. In Scratch, there is a special kind of variable called a "cloud variable." These are variables whose value is stored to the server so others can see it. These do not appear to be present in Snap (as far as I can tell). Do they exist here? If so, how do I get them?

Cloud variables have not been built into snap, but users have made their own cloud variables. Here's some examples
Cloud variables_
Even faster cloud var blocks!
And How to make a cloud variable server?

Note: you should set up your own server if you're going to be using any of these.

we know what cloud variables are...

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I think bh allowed new users to create topics. I think it's better this way because hopefully, new users who came to ask a question can without hijacking a topic. I also think that not allowing new users to create a new topic discourages them from asking a question.

I'm screaming in my head right now...

My cloud var blocks aren't fast for me but I guess it's just the distance between me and replit server
c is too small

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