A lil somethin' I've been workin' on.
Rated for Snap 10.0 V1
link here

If all keys in combo block are pressed, it asks you for a number, and logs the number to the console.

Ok, but there's a few things wrong. 1, it logs even though I never pressed any of those keys. 2, it doesn't do anything after putting in a number.

if you click Ctrl+Shift+I, you open the dev stuff. Click 'Console' and you will see it.


Ill update this soon.

Ok, also when I import it, it gets imported as a costume, not a script.

you have to click 'export script' and not 'script pic'

No, when I import YOURS.

you mean the script example?

This is a picture. not a script. If you want the script, here.

1, the website's blocked. 2, when I hover over it, it says "ArcadeS! script pic".

i fixed it
the link should be exported as an xml file, then open this link and click settings to import the xml file

I need access to the Google Drive file.

Click on the image in the forum to make the image bigger, then drag that into snap. If that doesn't work, instead of dragging it, click on the little blue text under the image, "original image" or "download".

i fixed it again. now the file is public

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

ArcadeS! For snap 9.0 is a bit buggy. Do you want it?
It will be fixed in Snap 10.0

Wow! It's very good so far!

Report bugs here.

Move _ backwards doesn't move BACKWARDS!

im fixing it right now