Any project ideas?

I don't have ideas for projects to make now!
Problems with existing ideas:

  • Lambda calculus---done
  • Reverse Codification---Not enough snap support to recognizing variadic inputs with 0 inputs and those with 1.
  • Multiplayer---Too much ping on cloud variables+no one comes and plays and tests
  • TurboSnap(i.e snap but compiled)---The new update makes metaprogramming,which JS doesn't have that easily.It would not compile.It would certainly need a new language thats based on JS.
  • Rocket simulator---done
  • Music maker---all the existing techniques make only BGMs(i.e random and uniform)
  • Name maker---too complicated for a prompt such as "Name of planet that is anologous to Jupiter but the name has to have something to do with the properties of the planet and it must be a noun and it must not be plain text(it is preferablly latin or greek or something) and the property name in the name shouldn't be big or heavy since they are reserved for other planets"
  • NLP---English grammar is too complex and a custom language would have to include the whole word list and it would never finish(see Ungrammarly)
  • Snap!ML---Quite slow,makes no use of GPU which is what AI stuff usually use
  • 3d engine---Quite slow,makes no use of GPU
  • Physics engine---No knowledge of off-center forces,sorry :frowning:
  • Factory game---Too complicated
  • Electronics simulator---Too complicated.I mean,where would you even start with?I am a reductionist,so I guess that I will start with the Maxwell equations,but this simulator is not called Ansys HFSS
  • TPT2/Yorgio4 too complicated
  • TOTM---Vague

Oh geez. If you want to be reductionist you could start with Kirchoff's current and voltage laws.

I don't think that those work well with anything that isn't a battery or a resistor?

I was imagining you working in stages.

But they have to be true no matter what's in the circuit, don't they? You can accumulate electrons, for example, in a component, but not at a junction; if electrons are piling up in a capacitor, they have to be coming in from somewhere else.

Disclaimer: It's been many decades since I took that course.

Yeah,they do stand.But they describe the static properties of the circuit,which with capacitors and inductors,would work on each frame,but not between frames by itsself.

Oh I see. Okay.

At one point I knew how to solve circuits with things other than resistors in them, but I think it involved calculus on trig functions or something like that. But, as I say, it's been a long time.

And I never did come to believe in components with an odd number of wires coming out. :~/

Brian-happy BJT pins:

It's actually very easy to convert a string to a javascript function. I mean, most of my userscripts get the string of a function, modify it, then convert it to a function, add func = to the beginning, and then run it.

ha ha.

You can't get the inputs to a function easily

How about a racetrack simulator? If kept 2-D, the mechanics aren't too complicated. You could let a user-driven car ride against one or several self-driving machine(s), offering various difficulty levels.

(its too simple and i didn't even think of it before)
Yeah,but how do i design a racetrack?

Study a picture of an existing (and not too complicated) racetrack, divide it into segments that can each be described through a mathematical function. If you want to keep it really simple, model an Indycar racetrack.

The race track can be described from the integral of unit vectors that hold the heading θ(x).
Straight track:θ‘(x)=0(for given segment)
Left turn track:θ‘(x)>0(for given segment)
Right turn track:θ‘(x)<0(for given segment)
Then what?The real problem is designing it,not describing it.

Hey, it's your project ... you wanted a challenge, I’m sure you’re going to find a solution :grinning: have fun!

I would say you should try to make snap inside snap but I’m kinda doing that

Maybe an ai that you could train on writing and have it return back similar text like chat gpt? But without the whole responding bit

Just draw one freehand! And use color sensing to follow it.

Nah,I can't get the dragging stuff click the right way

i.e Compute - Esolang?