Any project ideas?

Hi, since you need easier projects and/or project ideas, have I got one for you. It's a project idea of mine from a very long time ago called "CameraVR". I was originally intending on making it in Scratch, as I knew nothing about real coding and real game engines back then, and also Scratch was a better place back then, but then I realized the limitations of the Video Sensing Library, so I quit.

What is this idea, I hear you asking? Well, basically, it's like a VR system but you use your webcam. Your webcam can detect where your hands are, if you have touched an object in the game/interface application, etc. This is basically what real VR headsets are like, right? They detect where your hands are and you can basically interact with a digital environment.

I developed CameraVR with one goal in mind: lower the price of VR and VR Technology. At the time, VR Headsets were upon hundreds to thousands of dollars for one. And by hundreds, I don't mean the cheap $300 price tag which Meta prices their Quest Headsets as. I mean $600 or above. Since most people already have a computer and perhaps a phone, this VR Technology would cost them only cents, or perhaps nothing.

I developed a few applications for CameraVR, but the best application I've done with CameraVR is a simple "Dodgeball" game. It's not really Dodgeball though, it's more like "Hit the ball as hard as you can to earn points" or something. I also developed a poor and awful looking concept animation for CameraVR.

I was wondering, would you be up for the challenge of developing a CameraVR game or application? Because, recently Apple unveiled the expensive $3,500 Apple Vision Pro headset and it got me interested in the CameraVR Concept once again.

puts hands behind body
SYSTEM ALERT!!!Your hands are missing
expecting list but getting nothing

Yes.I can do it if I see an appropiate library.

This is what's called Augmented Reality and isn't a new thing, infact, Snap! used to have a library for leap motion hand controlling, but either it's not there anymore or I'm looking in the wrong place.

It was pretty much the idea you're thinking of, and well, they made that device and have been promising a successor for a couple years, but while I can find old leap motions on ebay, I can't find anything else. (Edit) Except if I'd gone to their website I would have seen ads for a Leap Motion 2.
So I clearly didn't look hard enough (/Edit)

But. It's a great idea. It's an incredible idea and I wish you luck, but given the amount of money Leap has spent over the years, it's a pretty hard thing to achieve.

It's been a driving idea of mine for a long time too, but I get nowhere.

Quickly pieced together some code stolen from simon says project
Equivalent to a mobile screen,except you can only press with two fingers.
I think that not clicking could be done with:

(LOL the only picture of someone grabbing a rod (so i could PS a piece of cardboard on) is in ampere's law)

TensorFlow.js can access the GPU via WebGPU or WebGL and is very fast.

Here's an augmented reality game in Snap!

Yeah, the library doesn't work with the newer Leaps, and I'm not buying a new one to update it. :~(

OH RIGHT I forgot the existence of ecraft2Learn in the lib folder which makes it loadable without JS

Aha. I suspected it might have been something like that. It usually is.

Make a fun game everyone would enjoy.(Super Smash. Hint. . . Hint. . .)

IDK where to start with,and I don't think that platformer games are fun.I'd rather make a physics simulator.
My current plan is to make a game called Decision Depths 2.
(the biggest problem in my GD(gamedev) experience is because I don't work in a team,I often have to make the tools that would make the tools that will make the game.)

I don't know how, but you could create a solar system model and show the past and projected path of Voyager 1 and 2.

Also, you should collaborate with some of the great coders here.

I have made one similar to that,but not using real(as opposed to fake,not imaginary) numbers.

They program in multiple sprites,which I don't know how to.
I'm bad at parellel processing,and specifically,clones.

Different skill sets usually make a good team.

The problem is that they program in a mutally exclusive way than me.If they work with me,then I will have trouble trying to fix the bugs they made due to modifiying my global variables.If I work with them,they will be really unhappy and confused about my program archtechure and break my code by replacing stamps that get redrawn every frame with clones.

(also I don't care about aesthetics at all)

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