(another) request a- block!

request a block here! if anyone wants to help they can! just post telling me you want to help.

Our goal is the least JS possible.

project: :link:

see my custom blocks project

Can you make a real LAYER block.

So we can assign multiples objects to a same layer. The block must work with sprites and clones


Wouldn't that cause Z-fighting?

sorry for the misunderstanding: i want to assign a sprite to a layer not know which layer a sprite belongs to

sorry, I can't understand

the function should group the sprites under one layer

i want a function "assign to layer ___"

so if i put the code "assign to layer 3" in a sprite, the sprite will appear under the sprites / clones that are assigned to layer 1 and layer 2

ohh ok I'm going for a walk now though, I will work on it tommorow. (unless someone can post the script pic)

i want to sort theses sprites,by grouping them by:

ok thank's

it's not tommorow, but done.


An any block. Like if color red is touching (any)

sorry, I don't understand. also if it is super simple
i may not do it.

I really do not know how to explain it, it (the any block) is a reporter that reports everything.

sorry, that makes even less sense to me :slightly_frowning_face: :

yes i saw the typo. did you say? a block that can report anything of a type? because I still can't understamd :frowning:

a block that can report anything of a type, which i do not think is possible I don't either, because I don't even understand what that means.