(another) request a- block!

The definition of anything: everything

1: no that doesn't make sense

It would report everything of an option, it would be like:
Snap! Dev tools script pic

In the drop down there would be options like color, sprite, etc. So let’s say if(touching color any)
Then: Report (true)

that is the part I don't understand.

if(touching color any)
Then: Report (true): just say: report (touching color any?)
also if it reports a list: it will not work at all because the snap devs haven't allowed you to put stuff in color inputs, and that isn't even a color, it would report a list.

It won’t report a list. It reports A N Y T H I N G of a selected option but not as a list.

Like if you were tying do do something we’re if it was touching any colors on the stage then instead o putting red, yellow, green, purple, blue you can just put any and it reports true if it is touching any color.

each post you make makes less sense to me than the prrevious one.

A sprite is always touching some color, so touching any color would inherently be true.
It may help if you provided more examples of what values this "any" or "anything" represents.

For touching any sprite:

How does it not make sense.

You can't report multiple things in one piece of data if it's not a list. Besides, there are infinite amounts of colors. And besides, you'd have to modify literally all of the Snap! primitives to account for this new datatype. And besides, "touching color any" would just report true all the time.

thank you, snapenilk and helicoptur, that is what doesn't make sense.