Alligator Simulator

Hello, the title kind of explains it. So I want to make a Alligator Simulator but there is no way I could make it by myself. I would like a dev team to help.

@leothemisfit Could you please help with animations and costumes?
ask to join dev team
Dev team:

Map Generator
Damage System

Art/Animations needed:
Fish (not animated)
Adult Alligator (Jawa open, head turning, walking, jaw close, tail side to side, swimming)
Baby Alligator (same animations as adult needed)

@helicoptur Could you maybe help with this? Like the physics and fish generator or stuff like that?


Ok so let’s get started on the fish generator, it needs to match up with the pond/lake/swamp, also it needs to be scrolling or something so that when the player moves the camera moves with it. That way you can’t go off screen and the map is bigger.

I need a project to start with that has the stuff you were talking about

So should I make the project to start off with or what? Maybe we should make it in bits if so can you start on camera thing and I’ll work on clones for fish.

The easiest way to make a camera system would be to have the player stay still and make everything else move. I need a picture of the map as a bare minimum.

Hmmm ok so who will make the map. I am trash at art and I don’t think leo will be here anytime soon.

Idea: Map g e n e r a t o r

Edit: Something like this: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

i want to join

Sure, hmmm what do you think you could do?

Server backsides (just no multiplayer!too laggy) and physics engines

Sure. Also anyway you could help with the map generator?

yes i can

Like the water and crass and stuff has to be generated since the map will be so big. Like Minecraft worlds.

I see.I can make it

K thanks, I’m gonna work on fish and maybe damage system.

map generator
you need a seed and some sine waves

Also make sure the water is actually its own sprite.


@18001767679 Here it is: Fish Generator
Drag the green turtle*