Alexa skill

(This will use NetsBlox, a mod a Snap!) I want to make an Alexa skill with NetsBlox.
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Wana join?

You don't have an echo device?

Did you click the links?

click them

Welp, you can't help me :~(

I don't have a phone either, but I use my dad's amazon account for making Alexa skills.

@bh, can you close? This collaboration doesn't seem to be really popular.

How do you not have an Alexa;~; I think this is supposed to be a voice command activated bot just like Alexa, or Siri, google, etc.

I actually would want to make this but it seems really complicated and we would need some of the best Snappers to unite and create this.

Suggested commands:
Bot name = Placeholder (we should make a name for it that isn’t Alexa)
“Placeholder, tell me the time”
Placeholder: {time}
“Placeholder, what is the date”
Placeholder: {date}
“Placeholder, search the web for lol” -search google
Placeholder: Finding search results for {6…}
(Results found)
Placeholder: I found {search results} that match {6…}, would you like to visit the page?
{if {1}yes} Placeholder: Ok. (Opens new tab with page)
else} Placeholder: (nothing)
“When is the holiday”
Placeholder: {report{www.callender.holidays.thisisjustaexample}}

Do you have an echo device?


Ok, and do you have the alexa app installed on your phone?

Yes. We’re are you going with this?

Just making sure you have everything you need(Including amazon's spy agent, Alexa).

Lol, so how could we make it so it can detect if you say it’s name and the words after?

It be something like : "Alexa, tell custom voice assistant to start."

But how do we mak3 it detect what someone says none the less not everyone sounds the same so we can’t Jsut record someone saying it then doing if it sounds like it run s command.

You can't do that with a skill, but you can do it after the skill is open.

So it is a learning Ai?