Add "play sound _ at _ hz until done" block

hi, so i make nightcore songs here, and it would be rlly helpful if the "play sound _ at _ hz" block could have a similar block, but instead "until done" is added

Does this give you the result you want?


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it works! thx :grinning:

There was a topic that asked for this same feature, and we found out that that's not a very good solution. When the stop all sounds block is ran, the block still waits until it would be the end of the sound. Here's my solution

if you don't want to copy the script, you can also just go here to get the block

btw, here's the original topic that asked for this as well, add missing sound block


That doesn't actually wrk because the length f the sound is changed by the different frequency.

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ill check this out

the project only shows this

yeah, the project just has the play sound until done at hz block. What did you think the project would have?


that's the block definition of the block in the project.

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I think op expected that the block definition would be exposed the way it is in Scratch. But that's one of the differences between Snap! and Scratch. Here the custom block's definitions are hidden and you can only see them if you start editing them.

Maybe this could be in the FAQ for Scratch users who are newcomers to Snap!?




I'd like that too.