add missing sound block

When we have these two blocks,
untitled script pic untitled script pic-1
we also need a play until done for this block.
untitled script pic-2

here, I made a block for you found here

very nice!


I know, that this is an option, but it has one big problem: it takes some time until it starts playing the sound (especially when it is a longer one)

Let me test it out when I get on my computer.

you are right. I'll try to fix it.

It's a lot slower in snap 6.0

Ok, I just found out why it takes a wile to play long sounds, the new sound block is just slow, maybe I'll just use the play sound at () Hz block and wait duration of sound.

um... the play sound at () Hz block is faster than the play sound block. That shouldn't be right.

Actually, there is a block for that in dev mode. Why not, um, make it not dev mode?

(what does "dev" stand for???)


uh, no, it's play () hz for () secs

untitled script pic (90)
that's not play sound until done at () hz