Add commenting to published projects

Adding the ability to comment on projects would go a long way in establishing a community feel where users could make recommendations on how a project could be better/different or just encourage those users who are posting a bunch of projects. It seems like the new projects forum is kind of discontinued leaving no real way for a user to get feedback on a project they are working on.

Read about this here: Comments and view counts :slight_smile:

It's clear that we have to have commenting. It's just a question of how hard we can flog Bernat, whom we have no budget to pay, to do this alongside all the putting out fires that's been going on lately.

Comments don't seem too hard to add, and since we'd reuse the forum infrastructure we'd have all these moderation tools for free.

However, right now I've no time for this at all, no matter how hard I'm flogged :frowning_face:

Right now, the best thing to do is to create a forum thread and put a link to that in your project description. Hacky, sure. :slight_smile:

I'm not sure we should be encouraging people to make a forum thread per project. I sure don't want to read them all!

I just made a topic very close to this one but it didn't show up in the “related topics”

I think it would be easier to put the embedded code on the forum so that people wouldn't have to go to the project page.