About the ability to get an image of a block with its result

I am Nathalie Carrié, a mathematic teacher in Reunion Island.
To present my work on algorithms with my students, I always do a localized screenshot around the block and its answer.
And I spend a lot of time to get the background transparent.
Do you know if there is any way to get this please ?

PS : Unfortunately, I cannot send images with this post.
So juste have a look on this image : nathalierun.net/depotLibre/image.png

Hi Nathalie,

Yes! You have this feature for years!!

Just press Shift key wiht the right buttom click (sometimes your browser fires a popup menu... but after it, it runs). And you'll get the hidden option "script pic with result..."
And that's all.


Thank you Joan ! I didn't now that.

Is there anywhere a file in which we can find all the keystrokes combinations we are able to do inside Snap*!* ?

These are all explained in the Snap manual (this one in particular is in page 91), but I don't think there's a cheat sheet with all shortcuts and combinations explained in one single page. That'd be certainly cool to have :slight_smile:

Quite frankly, I cannot find it on page 91 (which version of the manual do you look at ?). I am on the last version (Snap*!* 5)

I'm reading the latest version at https://snap.berkeley.edu/SnapManual.pdf too.

Page 91 says:

The 375-digit value of 200! isn’t readable on this page, but if you shift-right-click on the block and choose “script pic with result,” you can open the resulting picture in a browser window and scroll through it.

I know, it should be a little bit more prominent :thinking:

Thanks a lot @bromagosa ! Effectively,I didn't saw it.

And I tried what is said in this page of the manual. I got the picture of 100! result, like this :

Is there any possibility to get back the numerical result ?

Hi Nathalie,

Maybe I don't understand your question...

If you want to change the numerical precision, you can turn on/off the USE BIGNUMS block.
Then, you will change the result of 100! between

But if your question is about to "pick up" the result, I think in two ways: 1-Inside a variable, you can export it, and 2-inside a list, you can copy and paste any list content.



That's it Joan. I tested your two methods. I could get the whole digits only with the second one : creating a list, store the result in it, and export it.
"Inside a variable" doesn't work (you get 9.33262154439441e+157 even if Use bignums is on)..

Hi Nathalie,

I return to those two methods...

  • With a simple variable (a list is not required). You can export it to a text. You will get a simple txt file with the variable content.

  • But more useful. With lists. Exporting is not required. Inside list (different views) the content is "pickable".

You can select the content. And even work keyboard shortcuts (like [Ctrl]+A to select all, or [Shift]+arrows to add/remove characters...)


Wouah ! A thousand of thanks Joan !!! I cannot believe it... It was such a simple method !

This is a known misfeature.

Does this mean that the variable only displays the truncated version, or does the value itself get cropped?

The watcher (the grey-and-orange thing on the stage) doesn't know about bignums. The actual value in the variable is fine.

about that, I made a project with a block that sends anything to the clipboard, so it's an easier method. here it is

Thank you but the project doesn't work on my browser (Firefox 72.0.1 on Mac OS 10.11.6).

maybe it's just the retrieve thing from clipboard that doesn't work, but if that doesn't work, than the send thing to clipboard doesn't work. I wouldn't know because I'm on windows 10 chrome. and all that code was just an example, but you can find the blocks in the control category.

edit: it is because firefox wants you to have privacy, so it blocks websites from accessing the clipboard.

First of all I love your zelda Inspired Profile picture!how did you get and/or make it!?
second if you want a image as your background go to stage click on backgrounds and drag an image you want to load it as your background.I think thats how it works,but i'm only a student of the snap style background replacing


@funtime_foxy101 @yeet_king @sushi-llama

Woah...dis is a old topic u posted in... 0.0...

I'm not a master lol...I don't know this stuff...

Use the ghost affect. It'll work for making a lot of things transparent easily. :)