A 'Two-Speeds Playback' Remix of The Music Project (by Funtime Foxy101)

The original project here.

Below it is played with one track (i.e. "item 1" of the song's samples') at one speed, and the other track (i.e. "item 2" of the song's 'samples') at another, slightly higher, speed. BTW - I have no idea why the song has two tracks in the first place, does anyone know?

The balance between left and right ear is changing during playback; just for fun.

Thank you @FUNTIME_FOXY101 for the inspiration and don't be afraid to show your projects in Share your Projects category, next time.

Some sounds have one channel (mono) and other sounds have two channels (stereo). I think one channel (track) is for the left side and the other for the right side.

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I noticed that it is possible to have more than two channels. idk what the extra channels are for (I haven't tested it out).

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These days they have movie soundtracks with five channels. People with too much money set up home theaters that can reproduce them all.


thanks, and now that you say it, it makes sense, surround sound uses a lot of channels to make is sound like it's surrounding you.

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