A 'Reversed music' project

Inspired by the OpenSAP - 2020 Snap! course - 'Week 3 / Unit 3', showing how to reverse a sound.

The (facial) expression of amazement is encouraging, while the expression of surprise is somehow relaxing; they're both on @jens ' face (below).

Shown in the video below, in once again remixed project, the PLOT SOUND block's definition has been edited to make it able to draw pen trails with any pen size and changing colors

It took more than a while before reversal was done. If you are going to run it below, be ready to wait as reversing a whole song takes some time.

will take


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Thank you for correcting my English.

I have rephrased it now (hope it's better now).

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You must really like that song, do you?

Well, not that I don't like it, but I really like remixing existing projects - so I don't have to do everything by myself, only change some code in it. You can call me lazy.

Okay, I am lazy myself. I have some energy though.

Will be back later as I have some work to do now.

It's good to have energy, I agree.

Good idea.