A true-filled list (or, am I more random than you?)

(Note that this is a question about randomness and the pick-random. I have an opinion on the answer, but I would like all of yours!)

There is a variable called "list", and, as expected, it is a list. untitled script pic (30)

In the block palette, there is a custom block that will report a "untitled script pic (31)".

The inside of the block is as follows:
untitled script pic (32)

If, a thousand, times, you untitled script pic (35),
and the resulting list has more untitled script pic (37)s than untitled script pic (36)s, is the untitled script pic (31) more random than a normal untitled script pic (38)? Or is the reverse true?

My opinion: I don't think so. If the special-random block relies on the normal pick-random, then they most likely are the same level of randomness (not that I could measure it, haha) but what do y'all think?


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The test you gave does not do anything. The equal to block cannot differentiate between its inputs, so you will always get 10% true as long as at least one of the inputs is completely random. In fact, special random number is far less random.
In your block,
1 and 10 appear each with a 595/14674 probability,
2 and 9 with 1143/14674,
3 and 8 with 1596/14674,
4 and 7 with 1918/14674,
5 and 6 with 2085/14674.
This means that getting a 5 or a 6 is three times more likely than a 1 or 10, not the uniform distribution of the random number block, or true randomness.
If, for some reason, that block is not random enough, you can either seed an RNG from user input like mouse movement or video, or you can use random.org, which gets their numbers from lava lamps.

Oh! No, I just wanted to know if the special-random block was more or less random than the pick-random. Not for any specific reason, just toying around. Thanks for the website, though.

Could you show how you derived those numbers? Because it seems to me that 1 and 10 are guaranteed to be among the options, so the probability of getting 1 or 10 should be larger than for the middle numbers, not smaller.

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untitled script pic

what? how? lava lamps?