A Snap! sprite that attempts to help you search the Snap! manual

Sometimes when you need help with Snap! searching the Snap! manual works. An alternative is to import a sprite I made that uses machine learning to help you explore the manual. While the AI part of the search isn't very smart it sometimes does a good job. For example, the query "changing pen color" displays and highlights the appropriate section of the manual while searching for this query yields no results. And searching for "pen color" has more than a dozen occurrences that are not relevant to setting the pen color. And it works just as well with the British spelling: "changing pen colour". Optionally you can speak your query. Finally, it is an example of how AI can be (a somewhat) helpful assistant.

More information and links to the project that created the dataset the sprite uses and the sprite itself at https://ecraft2learn.github.io/ai/AI-Teacher-Guide/chapter-5.html#manual-and-guide-ai-search

This could be really useful :slight_smile:

2nd time I tried the manual search, I searched for MQTT (to see if its mentioned yet - its not) and it came up with a page (37) but no text highlighted

I had to scroll down to find the highlighted section - could something be done about that?

It's alright once you know that but would be confusing for people using it for 1st time - they'd just think it doesn't work


Thanks for the feedback.

I too have seen it not show the highlighted sentence and yet it is calling

scrollIntoView({block: "center"}) on the element

It instructs the browser to scroll so the element is roughly in the center of the page.

I tried MQTT just now and it worked fine in Chrome. My experience is just 1 or 2% of the time it doesn't scroll properly. I googled the problem and others have had a problem with scrollIntoView (though most of the posts were a couple years old). One suggestion was to also use focus so I added that - maybe it will help.

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