A Snap! Mod Idea (Part 2)

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@sir_kitten2 snap.berkeley.edu/tos

No, I know where it is. What part of it says

It seems you can't read a TOS. That means you must have it under the AGPL license(Which it is).
@bh I'm sure you can tell him/her that that's what it means.

But that does mean you need to link back to the mod's repo. @warped_wart_wars
Screenshot at 2021-09-21 13-15-21
Change this to link back to your repo instead of Snap! 's.

Ahem. "Behave more maturely".
Please assume good faith.

Sorry. I forgot. Yeesh.

um, what?



Welp, I'm leaving this collab because

A. It's not a collab. (at the moment)
B. Ok.

I'll need a website for it.

Coughs in hand and stares suspiciously at warped_wart_wars

Github can serve static pages at "warpewartwars.github.io/Text-Based_Snap" if told to do so (Github Pages, https://github.com/{OWNER}/{REPO}/settings/pages).
Also, repl.com can import from Github.

Is it the "Source" section?

Edit: I did it! Here's the link!

It looks like I forked 7-dev:


Discourse doesn't like all caps.