A Snap! Mod Idea (Part 1)


  • I want the textbox to cover the entire right side of the IDE.
  • As I've said before, I want it to have easy, built-in support for input to and output from the textbox.
  • Turtle graphics doesn't make sense for a text-based Snap!. So, there wouldn't be built-in sprites.
  • Clicking certain parts of the textbox activating parts of the program. (ASCII art buttons)
  • Ability to make the textbox non-editable, or editable only in certain areas.
  • Ability to change the font of the textbox.
  • Built-in scrolling of the textbox.
  • And more.

Use the library "Getters and setters".

Covering the whole entire right side of the IDE would cover the sprite selection.


Yes, but I want to entirely remove sprites, much like the people who made BeetleBlocks did.

Use some javascript.

I don't want to have to enable JS every time I use it. So I want to make it a mod, so it would work even without JS enabled.

So... You need me? :smiley:

What do you mean?

I make mods. :slight_smile: Not just Snap! Jr., I have stuff on my computer that I haven't shared :wink:

Oh. I guess. At the least, someone other than me needs to test it, as:

Edit: Found your GitHub profile.

Actually, if it's usable online, like Snap! is, I can test it.

How do i change the font of the editor?
By the way, is there a way how to add a scroll?

I've officially started by forking jmoenig/Snap to WarpedWartWars/Text-Based_Snap.

I want to help with this but I can't have a GitHub account because of the [insert a word that's definitely not vulgar here] at GitHub who say you can't sign up for GitHub if your under 13.

You can test. :slight_smile:

I'm better at developing than testing.

@warped_wart_wars You need to change the copyright holder to you as the AGPL license states you have to mark that you changed the program.

Can't. look at the Snap! TOS.


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