A Snap! Mod Idea (Part 1)

I did. All I see that's different is the left column of categories gone, and the stage replaced with a big text box.

Oh, wait, do you mean you did your coding in the JS console?? If you're editing the Snap! source code, either download the code and use your favorite text editor, or embed the changes in JS Function blocks, the way the bignum library does.

No. I used dev mode (Shift+click :snap:, click Enter developer mode)

is still happening to me.

Motion, Looks, and Pen make no sense to have in a text-based Snap!. I'm not exactly sure why I got rid of Sound.

@bh If you change stuff in dev mode is there a way to download the modified source code?

Is that you saying what I have been wanting to say, but failing, for me?


is exactly what I was trying, unsuccessfully, to say. This was my attempt:

When you open the inspect window in dev mode how do you change a property?

IDK. If it's a valid JS statement like this:
Screenshot (142)
you can just edit it, in this case turning it into, say, "true", (no quotes) then click "edit..." then click "save".

Oh. See if quotes help.

Edit: please make your images smaller.

Oh. It works. Thanks!

So, you're saying this happens when you enter dev mode and change the code?

I've actually never used dev mode to change the code -- how does that work?

But anyway, the thing to do is edit the source in a text editor. If necessary, copy and paste code from the running version.

The bug I made a topic about? No, It's just in general; when I open snap.html in my offline copy, it has that bug.

(Consider all further instances of "right-click" having an implicit " or ctrl-click")
I used the right-click menus. I wasn't really changing the code, just moving Morphs around, resizing them, and, for the textbox, using the WorldMorph right-click menu to make two demo Morphs, a ScrollFrameMorph (with a FrameMorph child) and a TextMorph.

What good will this Mod do?

If you didn't have "good" in your post, I would reply with this:

but, as you did have "good" in your post, I'm replying with this:

You would mean rewriting all of Snap!(Except for morphic.js as Jens made a version for python) in python.

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Woah, reply count blasting of like a rocket.


Well, are we porting it to python or not?