A Project that needs help

I need help on a project

Ok, how can I help you on your project?

Sorry I was sleeping but I need help to build a isometric engine

So, are you trying to make something like this?

Kind of but graphics not to much

Alright, that's gonna be somewhat difficult.
I've never coded an isometric engine before.

Here is a tutorial

Could you send the link?

Does it help?

Also for the pen overlays we have to erase the pen trails that are already touching another pen trails

You could also make the player a sprite
yes I can
But does it help at all?

Okay, couple of things:

  1. This "tutorial" is very hard to read. (No offense)
  2. Could you please (and I mean please.) keep everything you're going to type in one forum post?

ngl ur better to use paint lines to make ur art more clear


I am back


What you have so far?


Can you test this for me https://blockal-home.barbarabou.repl.co/