A Project that needs help


Blocked. Can't test it.

Test this when you get home https://bab.barbarabou.repl.co/



Sorry for being late.

As per you concern you will have to select a framework, understanding isometric projection, creating a tile-based system, implementing a rendering engine for isometric view, managing sprite rendering, user interaction, optimizing, testing, and continuous iteration for game development.

I hope it help you.

i found thhis video about isometric coordinates that may help you (i forgot if it is the case or not, but i hope that it's not against the rules to post video links

if you know what you need to do for this project, why'd you ask for help? you're basically supplying yourself with all the information you need

i am not the one who asked for help (or so i think)

ohh my bad i mixed you up with the OP
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