A Perfectly Normal Clicker Game

I am working on a clicker game, so I would like to advertise it to gain awareness. If you want certain features in the game, please reply to this comment, and they may get implemented.

A Perfectly Normal Clicker Game is a perfectly normal clicker game, where you click, and click, and keep clicking, and click again. With a shop, skills, an upgrade button, and a Lock, there is plenty to find and explore.

Link to the game is here:

ok i will play it

Unfortunately, the file size exceeds 10 MB, so idk how im going to update this game.....
any ideas?

Please let me know if there is any features you want me to add. I'm open to suggestions!

can you add a feature where you can upgrade clones so they give more points or no if you havent already done that

also can you add a way to save the game or no

I am working on save data, it won't enter beta until save data has been implemented

Snap needs an "if existing clone" function. Otherwise, it will be very hard to code in clone upgrades


oh ok thats fine

Is it still ok to reply to this topic? I mean, it is my own topic, so I would be able to post when ever after a month...... right?

I mean, it's not necroposting if it's your own post I guess

ok i just wanted to make sure before i got flagged or something

Well, on the topic of this game, the Better Clones upgrade doesn't seem to work, and it's because you forgot the "s" at the end of this block
untitled script pic (2)
untitled script pic (3)

Just thought I'd tell you

It should be fixed now

Nice, but I already have an hour in my game so . _.

oh... yeah im still working on save data

The answer is NO.

No. It's still considered an annoying bump (necropost) if you reply to your own topic.

so does that mean that this is going to get flagged......