A new block-list format

An example:
untitled script pic - 2021-12-22T215003.358


Another example:
untitled script pic - 2021-12-22T224626.468



This doesn't need to be done, however. But it makes so much more sense than the current

for that last example.

I don't believe you about where the "moew" (cats must speak a different dialect of Cat in your part of the world) goes in the result.

The thing is, that outer ring in the input expression is just the container to get the expression into the SPLIT block. When there's a significant ring, it does show up in the result:

Nope! It's just a word I invented, and have been using a lot. (Search it up in the forum search.)

Where would you have it then?

The two SET blocks are both in the same moew-binding ring, so it can't end up with moew attached only to one SET.

But that's exactly what the current implementation does:

Edit: Here's another pic:

Huhj. That seems wrong. I'll have to learn more about how it works and why.


Sorry, I'm stuck using this bad laptop keyboard, with things aattached to my fingers. Expect typos.

What things? (just curious)

Mostly an oxygen sensor, the thing they clip onto your finger while they're taking your blood pressure, but if you're in Intensive Care and they have a machine that takes your blood pressure every hour, then they tape the sensor onto your finger instead of clipping it on. But also they're running out of veins in my arm, so they're threatening to put in an IV in my hand.

If you don't mind me asking, and you don't have to answer, I'm curious to know what happened.

I don't mind. Apparently I got a hole in my stomach through which blood leaked out of my body, causing a sudden drop in blood pressure and getting super dizzy. Right now they think they've fixed it but they're not 100% sure so they're just monitoring my blood level for a while. It's more boring than anything else, especially since they won't let me eat solid food yet.

Oh. I hope you get better soon!


I wish you a speedy recovery, take care of you.

@bh Being in a hospital, much less an Intensive Care Unit, is not the preferred way to spend a holiday. However, we're all very grateful that they were able to identify and (hopefully) remediate the problem. We will all be thinking of you.

Thank you all. I appreciate the thoughts.

I sure hope you get a speedy recovery. I am currently recovering from back surgery,(had terrible scoliosis) but I think what you have going on is much worse. I will be thinking of you too.

Thanks. This is scary because they're not 100% sure they fixed it, but there really wasn't any pain involved, just dizziness. So I'm not sure mine is worse!

As of today they're letting me eat. If that doesn't lead to a big loss of blood, I may get to go home tomorrow.