A new block-list format

That's nice to hear.

Huh, you said at the other thread that

which made me believe you were at home at the time you wrote it.

Did you invented it using some cryptographic code, for example the Vigenere one? I am asking because it's one of the words contained in what seems to be a coded description of your location in your user's profile saying you are at "Hlithr ta Erloth ta Moew ta Hlerrts".

I may have been. They sent me home, and I lasted a day, and then had another sudden blood loss, so they readmitted me. But I've been stable for a few days so they feel pretty confident about it.

No, it's part of a conlang I made. And "Hlithr ta Erloth ta Moew ta Hlerrts" means "the kingdom of Moew of the Abyss of Death".

Edit: If you want to parenthesize it, here: "(the (kingdom of Moew)) of (the (Abyss of Death))".

I made a project here that has a "corrected" version of block-splitting.

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