A list of requests

Hello the developers of my favorite programming software !

Here are my requests :

1. The future of Snap!

  • 1rst class colors
  • enter a sprite as an argument directly by drag-and-drop in the entry block (instead of object(sprite))
  • the french library for study algorithmic
  • right click on temporary variables : Delete
  • right click on a block : Possibility to export this block

2. About the forum

Could you make users to :

  • be able to access the statistics on their own projects
  • be able to change the permissions on a project or a collection just by clicking on the eye or on the infinite key, on their personal projects' page.
  • be able to change the image of the collection

Still about the forum, I think that a better visibility to the Creative Commons license of the projects would be great. Thanks.

You mean as some kind of shortcut instead of having to go to the menu in GUI's upper right corner and then check the block you want to export?

Exactly ! :smile: It would be fantastic...

I think you should make separate topics for these so the admins don't have to make 10 different topic splits