About the Feature Requests category

Please use one of the more specific categories, such as "Feature Requests -- Snap!," instead of this one.


  1. If it's a Scratch feature, we probably already know about it.
  2. Check the FAQ (once there is one...)

Looks like some new subcategories have been added in the past hours. Not this one, of course!

Please pin the A list of requests, because it might be important in near future as there will be more feature requests.

Please add list of suggestions, to help find duplicates.

Please pin the A list of requests

The trouble is, some of those have been implemented already. If you'd like to start a thread in which you accumulate all the feature requests and keep it up to date, that'd be good -- except that if people learn to use good thread titles, then we already have such a list, namely the listing of the AT > Feature Reqs > Snap! category. :~)

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