(6 NEW BLOCKS) Earth's Custom Blocks

Yeah I made some custom blocks that I spent way to much time on. It may seem like a small about of blocks but there was a lot that failed or didn't work right. I used some of helicoptur and jens's custom blocks for some of my s=custom blocks so lots of credits to them!

Cool Blocks by Earth by earthrulerr - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (berkeley.edu)

Update Log

-Update Log-

  • 0.1 (Alpha unpublished) Fixed timer block. Added Letters in Words. Letters in Words broke. Added Quiz. Added Pulse Wave.

  • 0.2 Attempted to fix Letters in Words. Add Intro Swirl and Clone Swirl. Added comments instructions.

  • 0.3 Made Feedback/Report block. Made Restart Block. Made Autosave Project Block.

  • 0.4 Made World Creator Block. Found out that Feedback Block didn't work. More comments.

  • 0.5 Polish some blocks for release. Cleaned up editor a bit. Fixed small bugs.

  • 0.6 (Beta) Released. Took away some junk,

  • 0.7 Added Mobile Controls block. Made a block that doesn't work and got deleted. MAde Thumbnail.

  • 0.8 Added Information UI. More comments added.

  • 0.9 Instructions added for some blocks.

  • 1.0 Button Pop added. New comment.

  • 1.1 Comple Math Block. First 'math' block. (took a long time cause I am not good at math) Small bug fixes oh and 'Rainbow' block.

  • 1.2 Words from Alphabet block and Rare User block.

  • 1.3 Easy Write and Easy Write Layerings' blocks added! Whoop Whoop!


-Project Link-

Cool Blocks by Earth by earthrulerr - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (berkeley.edu)

-Block Tutorials-

Block T 1: Button Pop - Tutorials (Here's how to...) - Snap! Forums (berkeley.edu)

Any block ideas, bugs, ect? If so please tell me! Do you like these blocks? Did you use them? If you used them please send me a link to the project I would love to see it!


Some custom blocks use JavaScript (JS) in order to run these blocks properly you must have JavaScript (JS) enabled by clicking the gear in Editor. Read below for JS information.

Some blocks may have JavaScript (JS) in them which is currently manually enabled by yourself by clicking the gear in editor and enabling it. The JS in this project can: Detect who is using it/knows your username, can detect if your on a touchscreen device, and more. If you want to know more about the JS please look inside the blocks. If you do not feel comfortable with the JS of a block simply do not run that block or do not run the project at all.

When downloading the Mobile Controls block your device may not allow it or try to block it because it can detect what device you are on. This will not harm your device if you keep it. Of it says ‘This Dow.pad is blocked because it may harm your device’ click the 3 dots and click keep if you want to download it. Once again it is doing this because it can detect if your on touchscreen.

Some custom blocks have blocks made from others to make them work better or work, these blocks are listed in the project Editor. Please do not use operator blocks for cheating in school as it is probably gonna get you in big trouble if you do it.

If you have to report something please report it here.

Umm, the help desk is local, not cloud. So the developer cant see what they typed.
The ones where your setting variables to report something should be reporter blocks. Also, auto-save stops when you stop the project, so its pretty much useless. You can also drag the comment onto a script to link the comment and the script.

Yeah I said it is broken I just left it there idk.

these are the best ones
Cool Blocks by Earth script pic-2
Cool Blocks by Earth script pic

Why do you need the "when I start as clone" block?

For Clone spiral.

You dont need it, you know.

Thank you I made those because those were problems I had with my games.

just tell all the clones to listen to the instructions without using the "when I start as clone" block.


Button Pop!
No JS used for this block it makes button UI's look better.

Button Pop Tutorial is out to!

i know but I did not like the positioning.

Another new block! 'Comple Math' is my first 'math' block. It picks a random bignum then divides it twice then adds it up and checks the answer. So it's num+num=num

Also 'Rainbow' block is out! Simple though.

ANOTHER NEW BLOCK LOL actually 2, Rare User and Words from Alphabet!

I made:

[scratchblocks] Easy Write Layering [Hello World][Hello World][Hello World](12) :: pen [/scratchblocks]


[scratchblocks] Easy Write Layering [Hello World]@delInput @addInput(12) :: pen [/scratchblocks]

Now into:

[scratchblocks] write multiline [Hello World!;Moew;I made a typo] size: (12) font: [Courier New] :: pen [/scratchblocks]

(Semicolons represent newlines, as I don't think scratchblocks allows multiline inputs)

Yes I know I could have done that but I couldn’t figure out how to tell it I am switching lines or what text goes were.

The code I used was:

I will look at it I might change it.

Let me know (by replying to this) if you do.

I didn’t. I am kind of confused.

Could you tell me what you're confused about?

I haven’t made custom blocks with multiple inputs like that before.