(6 NEW BLOCKS) Earth's Custom Blocks

Do you know how to? If you do, "Texts" is one, indicated by "...".
Edit: If not, look at this:

Yes I know and I have used basically all of those in my Snap! Blocks re-made project but the Multiple Inputs is the one I have trouble with. It confuses me on how to tell it how many boxes are open and we’re to go for each text.

Just use the code I gave. I've tested it, and it works.

Ok I will add it tomorrow as it is getting late and I am going to go to bed soon once my questions are answered

Edit: Nvm my questions can be answered later, I will work on this tomorrow afternoon as always. Goodnight, Good afternoon, Good morning, what ever time zone your in good something.



[scratchblocks] go to x:(-239.411764706)y:(171.529411765) [/scratchblocks]

blocks are unchanged.

K thanks.

Edit: Are you seeing the quote box? Bug!

Quite a wall of a quote.
All I used was:

< p>
[ scratchblocks]
go to x:(-239.411764706)y:(171.529411765)
< /p>

(spaces in tags for it to not display the block)

Yes, bye👋🏻

You use the for each item in list block

Yes, because "Multiple inputs" always returns a list, even if the length is 0 or 1.

In scratchblocks:

[scratchblocks] [length v] of (list) :: #d94d11 [/scratchblocks]

(I couldn't upload an image of the code)

I really like these, but I do have a couple of suggestions:
1: I think maybe you could add some reporters and predicates
2: suggestion for block:
Cool Blocks by Earth script pic this way you can change the number of times it repeats (by using the input) so you don't have to look inside the block to change the number of times it repeats. otherwise, really good project! (especially the questions button thing)