55.05 Megabyte Project, on SnapCloud!

Recently, I found out how to use the 'import sprite' primitive in the SciSnap! library.
Thus, I managed technically to create a 50+ megabyte project!
It works by storing sprite information on a separate server, and loading it using the url block.

I decided to take it past the 10mb limit by generating over 50 random static images (mainly because it was easy)

Overall, the actual project on Snap!Cloud is ~40kB, but once fully loaded, its over 50 megabytes!
By the way, RUN IN EDITOR!!! for some reason running the import sprite primitive opens the editor IDE, and it looks weird when not in the editor.


Loading usually takes ~30 seconds.

- calculator

well, as long as theres a server to put your xml files in, you can create a whole bunch of things.

@sladescar you can use this for your game store on snipos

Yeah, for this project, I just ended up using discord's file sharing feature as my server.
Also, hey,,, i was thinking about making an app store with this >:(
jkjk, do whatever you want with this code and idea, idc

wanna work together on like a game-console simulator or something?

Honestly that would be cool, with the store (you could rack up points by playing the default games) and earn achievements to play other games and get bragging rights!


and you could add more games and things!


and to build on top of that, we can have a cloud server with json strings of links to xml files so we can have multiple sprites, and an infinite amount of them

honestly this might turn out really good

yeah, ill start working on the app rn.

Can you add me to the SnipOS team?


wait, can you share the link to the new version? so i can work on it?

Sure! one sec

Very interesting… this could be used for a lot of “lobby” or “host” projects, along with OS’s like sladescar SnipOS (mentioned above).

I've done this before :slight_smile:

ok i am ready

Sorry, i was at my friends house. if anyone wants to work on the public alpha of the new one, ask me.


i added the appket (app market) is not fully ready but theres the framework


im thinking about connecting it to a cloud server