30 Minute Game Jam!

Hello everyone! Today I will start a contest called the 30 minute game jam.

Keep in mind that this game jam is NOT annual or anything. It's just one jam and done. That's it. So if anyone wants to make a second 30 Minute Game Jam, um, you don't have to credit me or even put this in.

Anyways, here's the info:

Starting date: TO BE VOTED ON
Ending date: TO BE VOTED ON
Entries: You can find them below.


  • No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. This includes all things inappropriate. I won't list them in case someone flags this post, but you know what I'm talking about.

  • Be nice to everyone. Even though we will vote people's submissions to the contest, we have to keep them nice. And yes, you can call me a hypocrite. But trust me, I won't vote or submit. Heck, I won't even say anything about this. I promise.

  • You can work in teams of 3. One programmer, one artist, and one game submitter. Also the game submitter can choose its own role.

  • Yes, we will have time to hire people in teams.

  • You will have 30 minutes to make a game and submit it. You will have a 10 minute late-submission period that will not count for the final entries, only for the late entries. You will also have a 10 minute break to plan out your game. If anyone makes their games before I say "Start", then they will be disqualified.

  • Do not steal other people's work claiming it as your own. Snap! runs on a CC license and if someone copies someone else's project without changing, I WILL KNOW. You know what? Forget that. You can't copy anyone's submission and you can't change them either.

  • You can join anytime as long as the game jam hasn't started. The 10 minute break before the 30 minute competition COUNTS.

  • We can extend the time if necessary. The max time we can extend it is 1 hours, 30 minutes. No more than that.

  • All game jam entries MUST be original. That means that the game jam entries must not be premade or taken from Scratch via Snapinator.

We will vote on themes. The more the theme has been posted, the higher votes it gets. So it will be the theme. Also we will have to vote on the starting date and other stuff.

Entries submitted:
The contest hasn't started yet. Also I will make this a dropdown post so that you don't have to scroll past a billion lines full of submissions and the game's creators.

Final Entries:
Again, the contest hasn't started yet.

Late Entries:
This will be the place where you'd find out the results for the late entries.

Joecooldoo (Team with sir_kitten2)
earthrulerr (Although it's to be decided)

The start date must not be more than next week. And yes, that means the competition might start during May.

Gather more judges because some game jam entries will probably be disguised. Trust levels aren't really high here because the mods banned us from sharing things like Email Addresses. So it's gonna be hard to tell if people are cheating or no.

If you have any questions, reply to this post! I won't be able to distinguish between comment or post or anything if you don't reply.

This is already banned as per the Snap! rules, so you don't have to include it as a contest rule.

But if there are some people who don't know, well, here's a quick refresher. I feel like it's necessary to do.

Updated rules. Go check.

Im not going to be able to join unless it can be this weekend?

Oh. Well then if we're voting we should make a compromise. Let's see for the other people who are joining.

If you need to hire people, reply to this comment using the following text:

For Hire:


Team Leader (In case you are a member hiring people):

You can add more, but...

Welp, this too failed. No one joined and such.


It's only been a day. Now if it had been a month, then yeah, it would have likely failed.

Why do I metathesize "ea" to "ae"? I.e., "yaeh".

Normally for the contests even for the Category Jam, which failed, people would join in like 5 hours or so.

A: Can we use other websites to make the art, then port it to Snap! to do the rest? B: Can it be an animation such as an AMV or other?

Answer for A: Yes, you can. Since Snap! has a...bare-bones...Paint Editor, I have allowed people to use third-party websites to make their art.

Answer for B: I don't quite understand what you're saying. Do you mean that the entry can be an animation?...or...

AMV: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/681546564/ use volume*

AMV - Animated Music Video
Soemtimes full song, sometimes part of one. The link I shared is a teaser/unfinished version of my Sugar Crash AMV which I am working on completing.

afk for a minute

I mean, it can.

Remember: we still have to vote on the start date, end date, and duration. We can extend the duration from 30 minutes all the way to 1 and a half hours if 30 minutes isn't enough.

An animation isn't really a game, though...

Oh. Okay. @earthrulerr you have to submit a game.

@slate_technologies bruh