30 Minute Game Jam!

rIp welp I mean I have adapted to scratch coding

Alright, I'm unbanned. Who wants to join?
Also don't flag this post. It's not a bump and makes up for lost time.

I wana join. Also maybe this Sunday @ 2 PM EDT?

Oh, okay!

Well I guess I shouldn't leave. Yet. Not until the jam is done.

Okay, so @helicoptur, you, and @earthrulerr is joining. Just pinging to make sure.

I never said I was joining.

I don't think I'm gonna join cause idk what to make I'll say if I do

Maybe I'll join, but is it ok if I start working on a backend server before the jam starts?

Hey joecooldoo, Can we collaborate for this Jam?

Idk, I'm using Replit for a project I'm making

I SHALL JOIN. pretend it echos. please

I mean, as long as it's something premade (Like a library or an old project), you can put it into your submission. It has to be made during the 30 minutes (or more) for the game jam though.

I'm writing it right now, is that ok?

Um...okay. It's fine. Kinda.

Yes or no

Well you will get deducted points if you do so, but if you make the game good, it will make up for the deducted points.

Oh. Wait. I'm not making a game.

It's a game jam...


Lol thanks sir

@slate_technologies Please don't leave Snap! until this game jam is completed.