1D Cellular Automata

(remixed from @bloct's project. bloct's forum topic is here)

Here's the project.


Rule 184:

Rule 90:

Rule 30:

Rule 1:

Rule 255:

Rule 36:

Rule 62:

Rule 22:


Oh and you can make any automata you want. (There are some presets, such as Rules 30 and 90.)

How i can draw the pattern 62 by example

Rule 62... I don't know. I'll see what the truth table for it is.



And with random initial conditions, it looks nice:

Why it's not like the photo ?



I used

not the single one you used. Here:

By the way, very interesting !

Ok i found how to get this design (one pixel in the center of the 1st line)


Can you help me, step by step, to create a new rule. Can you create the rule 126 (see some rules)

Some rules

Thank you !

Oh, interesting, this is sort of a generalization of Sierpinski gaskets!

Sure! I'll make a truth-table thing.

Edit: Done! Just put the binary of the rule number in the empty slots of this:

For example, for Rule 126:

However, beware! It's very slow.

I will give it a try tomorrow thks

Rule 126, not a Sierpinski triangle because my code makes it wrap:

Rule 22:

Edit: same but higher quality:

lost of speed compare to yesterday

computing the true table before the repeat block improve the process
1 time against 360 * 480 times...

i like the new method, you can easyly compute any rule !

Yeah... I have that now. (reload the project)

To gain more speed, i don't know if you can replace this:
by an update in a matrix (rgba) and after the full process, transform this matrix in a costume to finally show this costume.

But what do I do with the costume? Stamp it? Stamping loses precious aliasing. (opposite of antialiasing)