1 week coding challenge

Challenged myself to code a project in one week.

Here's the result:
See the project
Run project

New Project

This is great!


  1. Instead of help > language > references giving a menu of characters to document, just display (maybe in the editor area rather than the menu?) the complete language documentation. It's too many clicks to go through them all.

  2. Add a similar "helpscreen" in help > editor to explain how to get the editor to do anything other than insert and delete at the end of the text. I was expecting the arrow keys to move around but they didn't.

  3. Loading a sample program didn't work for me (nor did the tutorial's attempt to do that). Or, maybe the tutorial succeeded very slowly, because quite a while later I did somehow stumble upon the sample program.

So glad I don't actually have to program in that language. :~)

I did consider many of your suggestions, but I only had a week and was spending 100% of my time coding it so I had to cut corners on things like the menu.

I also just noticed that the tutorial had a bug, probably because I forgot to update it after giving the editor it’s own separate code storage.

Now that my challenge ended, I’ll think about adding some of them.

Just from seeing some example code, Is this Brain%$#@?


Brainfk is a very weird, yet interesting programming language, but it's really hard to understand for new coders.

But that's the point.

Yeah, sadly, I don't think we can feature the project, because of the name. :~(

I'm honestly annoyed that that is the name of that specific esolang.

I was actually thinking about having the BF language as an example and modify the IDE to accept and run your own language

But maybe I’m just crazy

Hear me out:
We do what Scratch did with LMAO and say that BF is short for BrainFart

What does Scratch say LMAO mean?

A popular one I've seen is "laughing my arm off"

That's funny, but the trouble is that unless the entire rest of the world picks the same renaming, it means people can't (e.g.) look it up in Wikipedia.

I've made the decision to create my own language and implement it with the IDE.

I'll still work on this BF one, but my language will get most of the time.

Progress Update:

Update 2:

Editor now works

I love your program already.


So, is your language a custom Assembly? (Good Job, by the way!)

Yes, I figured that it would be easier to implement.

Editor Update 2:

Eagerly awaiting arithmetic so you can do something exciting, prime numbers or something.

Added basic math & multiple outputs on 1 line

Added string support