Zeld my 3d game

Although I am making this using Scratch on Turbowarp, scratch is similar to Snap!

I'm making a 3d game called Zeld on Turbowarp/Scratch and I think I should show it to. So the point of the game is that you have a water gun and you are some where else in the world. A great leader has commanded his minions to capture you for him. You need to use your water pistol to defeat his minions.

This is the only place I'll be sharing the early access to the game.

I gotta give some big credit's to @thegreenflash on scratch for a tutorial and personly helping with my game. Thanks thegreenflash.

Stay up to date on Zeld's indie game page on gamejolt for behind the sences and previews of the game.: Gamejolt

DOWNLOAD ALPHA ZELD (Contains sb3 file and xml file for both scratch and snap!):


It's a 2nd version of forkcups by the same developer, like snapforks. But It really does fasten up projects that are big and scratch can't handle.


you mean forkphorus?

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Do you have scratch? use scratch version
Make sure to open it through snap! don't just click on the file and download it

oh thank you for telling me that.