YouTube Tutorial Playlist

I created a series of 12 short videos to teach the basics of Snap!
The videos are grouped into a playlist found at this link:

These are cool, thanks!

Why do you use Cartesian graphics rather than turtle graphics? Turtle graphics is easier and more powerful.

Fair question. I use Snap! as a means to apply and teach basic physics. The frame of reference is always Cartesian. Turtle graphics do not relate easily to the models used in class.

Ah. You need the book Turtle Geometry by Hal Abelson and Andy DiSessa. Physics from acceleration vs. velocity to general relativity, all through turtle graphics.

That looks like a cool book. I appreciate the recommendation. I don't think I will be going there with my 9th graders, though.

Oh. No, I meant you read the book and it will instill in you correct ideas about geometry, and then you work out for yourself the relevance to high school physics.