You guys need spam detectors

To show you why I am saying this I included an image. This is my alt with over 700 projects. I did not get one warning and I made like 10-20 projects a day and sometimes 100 if I was bored. I am done with the spamming and just wanted to test if there was a spam detector by many different categories. If you ban me I will understand. I just want to let you guys know that high level spam like this is possible

EDIT: I did math and i have 801 projects on this specific account

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks for proof. (You can click the remixed from project button at least 770 times)

Luckily, the cloud can easily handle a load of [reads again] 10, 20 or 100 new projects per day. I mean, we don't have the infrastructure of a bank, but come on! :person_facepalming:

We do have spam detectors, but they trigger when the load goes up significantly, which no manual creation of projects is going to achieve...

That said, of course you're getting banned, and not just in your alternate account.

@system now owns topics from banned users?

System moment


oh, i was wondering why the system would be spamming projects and writing like a human


no, it was an actual user, they got banned (obviously)

It was dubstep_v1.

Seriously!? And why is that name so familiar to me?

He was fairly active, before he got banned.

No, not that. I mean OUTSIDE of Snap!.

I don't know.

I guess we'll never know.

I mean, dubstep is a genre of music.

Not talking about music.

Can this be closed? There is clearly nothing of use being discussed here.

? The spam detectors DO need changing, because 100 IS significant.

I'm just saying, this topic doesn't need to remain open, because there's nothing to talk about. The snap team might talk about it behind the scenes, because we don't need to know the progress about it.

...We could talk about what a spam detector SHOULD be.