You can now redeem codes in Etherknox In-dev 1.1

You can now redeem codes in Etherknox

Here is the first working code right now
EXBETA! redeem this to try out EX BETA for free
you can you use this code infinitely and anyone can use it!
more codes will be added soon!
click this link to play: Etherknox In-dev 1.1

or play embed!

That's all hope you enjoy!

you turn upside down when you touch the edge...

yah i don't really know how to fix that

I know how to fix it...


Add the following to your movement code
Screenshot 2021-01-01 at 12.11.57 PM

ok ill try it

also remove if touching edge bounce block

ok ill do that

ok where do i put those blocks at?

in your player movement code...
and look in your drive there is a file called collab where we can do the collab

ok what do you mean by drive?

google drive by drive
and Im looking in your code and modifying it...

ok ill look

its not working the movement

walking right is fine but if i walk left it goes really fast?

no here is the modified code...

oh ok ill do that

thank you! it did work

your welcome I coded a lot on scratch before I got banned Im currently learning javascript...

here is the updated code
Its an xml file download it