Yaya three dee

This looks great, but a few questions:

  1. why does jumping look like I'm falling down and floating back up?
  2. idk if it's working and I just can't see if it's moving, but the W/S keys aren't working...


fixed it

You have to jump while moving, otherwise you would get welded to the ground.

I'm attempting to figure out how to do A/D keys to move side to side and Left/Right Arrows to look left and right

You're making the game like a platformer, except you stretch it all the way out in the 3rd dimension. So it probably won't work.

Well, I've seen one example of someone making it look in all four directions (Up, Down, Left, Right) I thought I could try

The best result you can get is basically by rendering the map top-down so you can move in all directions. However, you lose the sense of rendering depth on the Z-axis (Basically you can't render how tall the walls can be and you can't also render stuff that are shorter than the walls).

My idea is to have 2 maps - a topdown map so the camera knows how to render the map and a platformer map, that of which you are using currently. This way, you'd have a sense of depth for every single axis. You'd know how tall or short something is and you'd know how long something is.

This might be too hard for you to make though as Snap! is more for 2D stuff rather than 3D. You also can't see your results in real-time until you run the project.

What do you mean?

I've made my own modifications. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Features - Camera Clamping (So that the player wouldn't break one's neck and look behind oneself) and Slope Climbing (You had to jump to climb a slope before).