Xml to text?

Is it possible to transfer xml to a .txt file i have a buddy on discord who would like to turn my xml file into java but doesnt really know what to make of the large amount of blocks.

nvm there are a ton of converters online

Uhhh, Java? or Javascript?

If you mean literally just turn it into a text file containing xml, you can do that by renaming the file type.


chrome os :frowning:

js sorry

Steps for Chrome OS:

  1. Right-click the XML file
  2. Click the option "rename"
  3. Change the file extension to .txt

thatll be easier than using an online converter that probably stole the file

It's probably best if you do use an online formatter so you can read the xml. Here's the one I use.

noted but ive already formatted it

Ok, cool!

do you know which source character set they use?

I don't understand what you mean by "character set". Pretty sure everthing uses the standard unicode. Try utf-8. If that doesn't work, just open it in notepad++ and see what that says.

notepad++ is for windows

right... forgot you said that you were on chrome os. I'm still confused as to why you even need the character set.

Actually, I bought myself a Windows laptop on black Friday.

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