XML Element/Tree Manipulation (in Blocks!)

I made the ability to manipulate an XML Element tree. Like in src/xml.js in Snap!

The blocks can be found here: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

XML Tree script pic (1)

There is also a stringify block in this library that turns an XML element into text like the "toString" function in Snap's XML_Element:

You can also turn a list into an XML_Element (inspired by how Snap! does it):
XML Tree script pic (3)

enjoy the library, I guess.

technical stuff!

And don't XMLify a large LIST!
It will throw an error due to Snap! calling waay too many functions.

Stringifying a large XML Element will raise an error because the browser thinks the code is doing something stupid. (it's not. it's doing it's job.)

The Call Stack error is out of my control. So don't make a big XML element.