X11 Colour scheme

Hi Brian

I was writing a block to change the stage background colour using colour names

I started off using the crayon colours but soon found it didn't have "pink" in it.

Never mind, I looked at the X11 colours - that had pink in it - so I switched to using that

I then discovered that it didn't have "green" in it!!!!!!!!

Several googles later, it seems that there are variations on what the X11 colour scheme should contain.

Colors - X11 is close to the one I think your using

but here
X11 color names - Wikipedia is one that does have green in it

Any chance of reconciling these differences? :slight_smile:

I don't mind if I can't lookup "skybluepink" but I really would hope that ANY colour lookup table would handle "green" :slight_smile:

Sigh, here's the problem:


So just typing "green" is ambiguous. Not my fault that W3C decided to change a couple of color names! And, if you just type "green" it's not clear which color you actually want. I think X11 green, which W3C calls "lime," is the best choice. I'll special-case this in the library... Sigh...

P.S. I'm pretty sure I copied the list from Wikipedia, although I might have just grabbed the rgb.txt from my computer. :~)

P.P.S. Crayons 15-19 are various flavors of pink. I really recommend using the pulldown menu for crayons rather than typing in a name. The names are sometimes weird, but the menu is well-organized by family.

huh .

I can live with it returning 0,255,0 or 0,129,0

I gave up on that battle as to which one is "green" years ago :slight_smile:

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