X,Y data on corner in the editor

Still, when I make projects where's need the data of x,y of mouse annoys clicking the icons. I think this function will be helped. It's screen how can look it:

Thanks, @nieznajomyh

Yeah, I feel that way too sometimes, but channeling Jens: Just click the checkboxes next to x position and y position.

Przepraszam, że tak tutaj w tym miejscu się zjawiam, ale nie widziałem innej drogi :grinning:
Jakie to jest piękne... wygląda to jak sen, jak... dobry Scratch xD

I do most of my testing in Snap! on half of my screen, (usually so I can test something that's in a separate window) and I have the stage at the smallest size possible, so it doesn't interfere with the blocks. (It's also the reason I want fractional block sizes.) Thus, my Snap! window often looks like this:

But when I need mouse position, or sprite position, or whatever I need for my testing at whatever point, if I do what you suggest, I get this:

As you can see, (you might need to zoom in) the "Sprite x position" and "Sprite y position" watchers take up half of the stage, which might be covering up, say, something I drew. So I'd have to keep switching them on and off, or resizing the stage, or switch to a fullsize window and switching between two windows.

Another possible solution to this would be the ability to move watchers off the stage. In NetsBlox, this is possible, by moving them to the palette, but in Snap!, that's how you get rid of them.

Umm, right. Personally I'd prefer a solution that isn't limited to sprite position and heading, so maybe dragging the watcher into the scripting area might work. But this is rather a specialized problem and I wouldn't hold my breath, not with everything else on our plate.

I imagine you (plural) have a very big plate. So I would probably wait for the possibility for maybe 2-5 years at least.

I'm working on using sprites as custom watchers (e.g so that they can be resized and keep the same relative size when screen is set to presentation mode etc)



Note that the text (which is my "watcher") stays the same but the Streets and replay/status system ones don't

I'll add it hiding/redisplaying to list of requirements - you never know - I might finish it within a year :slight_smile:

Also, do a search of the forum as I think others have written custom watchers that might help you out :slight_smile:

what did he say?

But surely it wouldn't be that much work to implement it into a future update?

No change is as easy as all that... You have to think about how the display changes if you change the stage size, etc. But also, there are probably hundreds of things like this, and so the ones for which there's a workaround have low priority.

Makes sense.

It my friend from scratch, he started with Snap! so he write in polish.

Did you try separate, 1-pixel sprite, tied to mouse, only to show coordinates (with Text Costume library, "say" or variable watcher)

Untitled script pic (47)
With ShiftC toggle
Untitled script pic (48)
Stage (2)

@ego-lay_atman-bay made some, but they don't currently work. started to make some, but never finished.

Edit: I might make some.

correction, I started working on one. Never finished it.

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