Ww2 3d

dodge the bombs, planes and walls


how did you get here fast i just made this

you happened to post this at the same time i checked the forums.

Cool idea

(your jet fly in reverse mode?)
(You need a rear view on the jet...)

fixed it

Fun project! It would be better if the positon of the obstacles changes each time so it is more challenging. You can also make the obstacles go faster every once in a while so players don't get bored.

how tho?

I'll do it myself and show you since I don't know how to explain it without showing the scripts.

edit: i noticed 2 bugs so i'll fix them and explain it to you too


Here's the project:

The first bug was that it didn't show the menu screen again after you loose. I made it so that it calls the green flag again after you die so it opens the menu again since the green flag was clicked.
ww2 3d script pic
The second bug was that sometimes when the wall hits you it doesn't go back to the start screen so I made it get a little more bigger before it dissapears so other scripts can detect it.
ww2 3d script pic (1)
There was also a third bug I didn't notice that lets you go outside the screen, so I made
You really don't need to do what I did for the "go to x" part, I only did that because I needed the wall to go a little closer to the center. Using the "go to random position" block is faster. I made the walls come faster and also get bigger faster the higher the "wall speed" variable is, and made the maximum size of the wall bigger so it fits the entire screen.

did i miss anything