Wrong Snap! manual when searching on Google

When searching for 'Snap Reference manual' in Google, the first result is the Snap! 4.1 reference manual, instead of the latest one. This could throw someone off if they did not use the button on the website.

On a side note, did you know that back in 2006, snap.berkeley.edu was the home page for the Sensor Network Applications Center at Berkeley.

Good catch. @bromagosa, could you delete that? It's at the top level of the site. Maybe instead put a symlink to the one in help?

Yes, back then you had to say snap.eecs.berkeley.edu instead.

And now snap.eecs.berkeley.edu links to the 'Scalable Nucleotide Alignment Program' at Microsoft. Weird.

Oh that is weird. Because for a long time s.b.e was just a redirect to s.eecs.b.e!

Symlinked now! :slight_smile:

Thanks! That threw me off a couple times when I first started using Snap!