Write words under one another in 1 script

I want to make a little list in my game which shows the creators of our game. I want to keep the script simple and write all creators below each other.

Heres what I tried: (I know this is not even close to a working script)

starfighter_final_3.6 script pic (1)

If you have any questions please consider asking.

The CLEAR block will make only one name appear at a time.

Youre right. But still, only the first item of the list will be written.

Oh, right, I didn't even notice that part.

The easiest solution is to use the

block, and then ask for ITEM I OF CREDITS instead of ITEM 1.

starfighter_final_3.6 script pic (2)

I probably did something completely wrong. Can you help?

Yeah just get rid of the ASK STAGE part. Why do you think you need that?

I somehow thought that the first item of the list would change to the next one idk
starfighter_final_3.6 script pic (3)

This doesnt work. What am I doing wrong?

untitled script pic

the for loop should replace the repeat loop...

like this:
untitled script pic

the for loop:
untitled script pic

In this case, the script inside the for loop will run 3 times (length of credits) and the value of i will be 1 on 1st pass,2 on second pass and 3 on third pass.

write the value i of credit:
untitled script pic
(on 1st pass, this value is "me" because 1st item of credits is "me", etc)

and finally do a "carriage return":
untitled script pic

I think the easiest way is to use the for each loop instead of the for loop block...

untitled script pic

Oh yeah good point! I guess what I meant by "easiest" was "get it to work with the least change to the meaning of each block" or something like that. But I totally didn't think of FOR EACH. Must be cognitive decay due to Long Covid or something.

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