Wraparound mode for Snap!


Please tell me if there's a better way to do this.

probably use 4 clones and add or subtract the x/y depending on the parents (if parent y is negative, clone y should add +360, and if positive then -360)

although this wouldn't always work, same with the current 9 clone version. with large sprite sizes things can get very weird.

how would layering even work?

Nice. This is on the list of features I want but can't convince Jens about. :~)

Now it's a wraparound Etch A Sketch.

imo this is one of the things that people should learn to make themselves, especially considering how uncommon it is and how likely it could be simplified for specific projects.

trying to make this actually work for a general case would be a lot of effort for not much gain, considering all the weird cases, and risking making it harder to add new features.

Yeah, I suppose. I just grew up with Logo, where we have WRAP (like this), FENCE (like Scratch), and WINDOW (like Snap!) modes.