Would you rather

Would you rather have 1 million right now or have a penny that doubles each day for a month ?

Try it !


Don't spoiled plz

You can use this

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but why..?

Anyways, I did the math, and a penny is actually better if you can wait for a month.

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That's about ten million dollars.

Don't spoiled plz

You calculate it for 31 day, i calculate it for 30 day...
This month (feb) is has 29 days because 2024 is a leap year ... you also can use 29 day... Or 28 day...

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Here's how I would calculate how much money I would have after one month

Instead of looping and multiplying a variable by 2, I would instead think more about the math part. As soon as I saw this, I immediately thought of the exponential function that does the exact thing we're looking for.

$$f(x) = 2^x$$
$$f(30) = 1073741824$$



Which means that I can get $10,737,418.24 or 10 million dollars in 1 month.

Let's talk about this

That's not exact: try it with small numbers like 1 or 2 days
With your formula, day 1 give you 0.02...(on the 1st day, i'll give you 0.01 not 0.02... if it was my money ,it would make a world of difference! :slight_smile: )

spot the error:
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and what if i'll give you a dime or a quater on the 1st day ?

Can you hide amount references

Maybe this

interesting, that is a crazy number! (when i chose double daily)