Workshop: Remote Robots

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Presented By: Tom Lauwers, Erin Whitaker


Remote robots are robotics projects that can be accessed and programmed via the internet by anyone from anywhere. These robots use the NetsBlox platform, a multiplayer networking blocks programming environment that is derived from Snap!

This workshop has two goals:

  1. Demonstrate how to build a remote robot. We will use the Hummingbird robotics kit in our example, but the concepts presented apply readily to any microcontroller or robot that has a Snap! extension.
  2. Discuss examples of how remote robots have been used to broaden access to physical computing by teachers and others.

Remote Robots offer a way to inject physical computing and IoT concepts into the online/virtual space; it provides an experience that is more compelling than a simulation, at low or potentially no cost to the student.

Participants do not need to have any robotics/electronics kit at home to participate, but they will get to program a real robot!