Workshop: Game Design Using Snap!

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Presented By: Servane Demol


Present a curriculum that covers a minimum of 10 hours of instruction to teach students in middle school or high school how to use Snap_!_ and design thinking processes to build awesome games. People will have access to a free online curriculum and a printed version when attending the workshop. (

The first projects of the curricula help students get used to Snap_!_ with a simple game. However, the workshop will focus on the more advanced games in order to help educators understand how to link design thinking, physics, and math into Computer Science and use Snap_!_ to build an interactive game. Participants should therefore be already familiar with Snap_!_ and have an account online.

Participants will need to bring their laptops as this is a hands-on session.

This workshop is presented by Code for Fun, a non-profit organization focusing on K-12 Education.